Bread at the Spot

Orange Spot: The Artisan Bread Specialists

The team at Orange Spot are constantly evolving new formulas to assist in the production of the extensive range of slow baked breads. They change continually so that regulars have a large variety of choice.
Nick is always looking for a new challenge. With all the great ingredients available in South Australia the bakery are constantly sourcing new flavours. 
The bakery prides itself on having unique sour dough breads, mouth watering croissants, and use only the best ingredients. The bread you find at Orange Spot is world class.
Now Nick is joined by his eldest son along with a cast of bakers and café assistants to wow your taste buds.
Try caramalised onion or dark rye. Perhaps pumpkin or pear and blue cheese is more your taste........But wait............ The fig & walnut is to die for........
The best artisan bread in SA........ Taste........ hot from the ovens 
Serving Suggestions. Picnic anyone? 
So Good For You. Exclusive Selenium loaves 
Sour Dough Rye A Treat 

Something for your next barbie or a sourdough to have with your cheese platter....


Croissants for breakfast in bed to surprise mum..... come in and see us or order the day before so you don't miss out.


Having a dinner party...... get your artisan bread at The Spot your guest will love you for it.


Order by calling 08 82955799... but don't miss out, the sourdough loaves are so popular they sell-out very orders need to be in 48 hours before collection or by Friday morning for weekends so you don't miss out.

Winning Hitop loaves, perfect for sandwiches 
Which one shall we choose today? 
Exclusive Belgium Butter Croissants 
New Sour Dough Loaves 

Need a freshly made roll for lunch we will make it at the spot for you.


If you have a special event that you want some amazing artisan bread for call us at the spot.


Need a platter of sandwiches for your office meeting or party give us plenty of notice and we can organise platters of sandwiches for the event. Placer your order by phone 08 82955799 and let the staff know if you want sourdough sandwiches or plain white, wholemeal or multigrain loaves with mixtures of fillings. This will not only save you time but impress your guests and staff and make them feel special for that important meeting...

Belgium Chocolate Croissant for
Sunday breakfast anyone?
Ciabatta anyone. 
How many trophies can a Bakers Shop have? 
Which one shall we choose today? 
Sourdough delights  
On the rise... 
many varieties.....A sourdough paradise 
Sourdough delights  
On the rise... 
many varieties.....A sourdough paradise