Award Winning Success

Orange Spot Bakery have continued their winning success by taking out the most prestigious Great Aussie Pasty Competition title again in 2012. The competition was held in May 2012 at the recent Food Expo in Sydney's Moore Park.
Orange Spot Bakery's team of talented bakers have won the prestigious title of 'Home of Australia Best Pasties' again for the 4th time. This is the 3rd consecutive year that Orange Spot have blitzed the entries from all over Australia to win this enviable title and now are truely the Kings of Pasty making in Australia.
No matter where the competition is held the team at the Orange Spot fly in their produce to compete. It's a long day of baking followed by early morning flights to get the pasties to the competition, looking, tasting and smelling as great as those that the locals bring in.
This year the competition recognised the need to award apprentice bakers for their skills and so a new category was added that saw many apprentices from all over Australia bake their best efforts to be judged on a National level.
Orange Spot Apprentice baker Matthew Williams entered both his plain pasty and his vegetarian pasty and came home with the new title of Australia's Best Apprentice Pasty Maker, winning for both his plain pasty and his vegetarian pasty..
Congrats Matt...
While we are all a little tired after such a big season of baking competitions you can certainly come in and taste what is officially Australia's Best Baked Goods....
Will it be?............ A smoked chicken & mushroom pasty, spinach & sweet potato pasty.......or........a cauliflower, broccoli pie or why not just settle for the original thing?????? australia's Best Plain meat & veg pasty. YUM!!
We have plenty of those award winning plain pasties waiting for or cold......
Come on in and help us celebrate our major wins for 2012....
'Winning isn't something we do now and again. We believe in never compromising on quality.'
Visit the Spot and see for yourself and experience the winning smiles on the faces of Orange Spot staff, who now are proudly displaying their showcase of fabulous baked goods in their new cabinets.
Trophies won by Orange Spot Bakery at the Recent 2012 Great Aussie Pasty Competition in Sydney. 
How many trophies can a Bakers Shop have? 
pasties... pasties... and more pasties... Since the big win in Sydney as 2010 Home of Australia's Best Pasties The Orange Spot bakery has worked around the clock to produce double their normal pasty numbers.  
Team Australia, Rimini, Italy. Winning shopfront window 
Nick Davey, Inaugural Winner National Baking Scholarship Awards 
Only Australia's Best at the Spot 
The famous 'Spot' Vanilla Slice. Australia Vanilla Slice Triumph 
ALL IN THE FAMILY. Granddaughter Hunter-Belle is part of a winning team 
Winning smiles! 
We like to watch our breads grow 
The Orange Spot Bakery have the best buns in town. Hot from the oven on Good Friday every half an hour. Order yours now 
Australia's Best Sourdough! The Hardest decision is....Which one to try today?..... 
You big tart....Yummy stuff 
Mini Fancies for your next special function or just for something special Pre-order so that you don't miss out. 
Scott 'Piemaker' Munn 
Only Australia's Best at the Spot 
Oven Fresh... come in early and get them HOT !!! 
Hot from the oven is a regular treat on weekends for early birds 
fabulous cherry cheesecakes get them as an individual tart or in Family size 
Only fresh cream for Orange Spot cream kitcheners 
So Good For You. Exclusive Selenium loaves 
Happy New Year with the launch of Orange Spot Bakery Water. 
Even the boss can find time to try one of those award winning pasties... Come in and try them for yourself.